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Disaster surrounds our trio as Clark carries both Revpaten and Jimmy. At that moment, the ship which carried Kent and his friends falls into another fissure in the ground. There might be no way for them to leave without Clark revealing that he is Superman. The land has now calmed, and Nicoma is helping Revpaten and the others find their way.

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Once they near some fresh water, Clark makes a tent from his trench coat and some trees. The mild mannered reporter then orders Jimmy and Revpaten to rest. This gives him a chance to seek help as Superman.

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Or does it? A jaguar is about to attack. The timely arrival of Clark Kent saves both Jimmy and Revpaten. The animal is dead, but that isn't the last of our heroes' troubles. A native has spotted them. He is from a tribe of headhunters, and he's brought others with him that are surrounding Clark, Jimmy and Revpaten. This danger may be too much even for Superman.

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The headhunters have calmed since they recognize Revpaten as a friend to their tribe. They agree to escort Clark and Jimmy to Ilyria while Revpaten remains in the natives' village to rest. The two reporters manage to sneak into the city through a hole in the outer wall made by Clark. They must give Hercamin a message from Revpaten. Unfortunately, the elderly ally of the princess will be put to death within an hour. Superman may have arrived in Ilyria too late. They eavesdrop on a conversation between Hercamin and the dictator Franz.

The former is defying the tyrant and refuses to speak of Princess Revpaten's whereabouts. Later, in the Ilyrian Square, Clark plans to use the powers of Superman to save Revpaten's old friend. However, he may be too late. A guard has stopped him, and Kent has suddenly ordered Jimmy to leave the hidden city. Can the Man of Steel rescue Hercamin? With Jimmy out of the way, Clark can resume his true identity of the Man of Steel. Superman saves Hercamin, takes him outside the city limits where Jimmy meets them, and he later confronts the Nazi Franz.

Superman discovers a shortwave radio set when he fights with Franz.

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It looks like the German is trying to resurrect Hitler's sick dreams in Ilyria. Chaos has erupted in Ilyria. German troops are storming the gates as Franz desperately sets fire to the land that he once ruled. Jimmy and Hercamin are about to go back to Ilyria, and Princess Revpaten has returned to free her people with the aid of the headhunters.

Everyone is in awe witnessing Superman's feats of strength used against The Nazi troops that had escaped when the war had ended. Jimmy, however, is intent on saving Clark Kent when flames spread from building to building in Ilyria. Jimmy may have placed himself in grave danger. Superman has just saved Jimmy before a burning roof can fall on him. The Man of Steel has convinced his young friend that Clark Kent is safe. Now, the people of Ilyria want to give Franz the end that he was about to give Hercamin and Princess Revpaten. However, Superman convinces them that The dictator must be given a fair trial.

The Ilyrians are now working to rebuild their city while bringing Franz to justice. Be here next week for "The Secret of Meteor Island," gang. Don't miss a moment of The Adventures of Superman. Trivia: This is a rebroadcast of a twenty chapter serial that aired from January 15, February 09, Review: "The Mystery of the Sleeping Beauty" is not a bad story.

However, it does suffer from the fact that it does need some editing. A good example of this is the length of Revpaten's explanation of Ilyria. It goes on for three episodes. The writers should have cut it to one or, at the most, one and a half chapters. It would have held the audience's interest more and left some room for of the conflict between Franz and Revpaten if it was really necessary to make this an eighteen part story. Some things are also very unclear about "The Mystery of the Sleeping Beauty.

But, just how old is the land of Ilyria? How can the people still speak like folks did in the thirteenth century if they open Ilyria's gates once a year? Surely, the more modern speech patterns of people like the Columbian nurse that cared for Revpaten as a child would have caught on somehow.

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It is evident that the Ilyrian princess was banished from her land recently. The number is never mentioned, but let's say that Revpaten is in her middle twenties in this serial. Given that, if we subtract fifteen to twenty years to get her age when the woman gave her the emerald ring mentioned, the nurse was most likely in Ilyria sometime between and Columbians of that time most likely spoke differently from Ilyrians.

This is a huge plot hole in the serial. For a maniacal tyrant Nazi trying to escape the post-war outside world in order to rebuild the psychotic dreams of Hitler, Franz does very little in "The Mystery of the Sleeping Beauty. Granted, those things would lead one to believe that Franz is evil, but instead of giving us long explanations of the origins Ilyria, time could have been spent developing the character to make him more of a force to be reckoned with. As he is currently, Franz is merely a minor footnote in the rogues' gallery of The Adventures of Superman radio series.

Have you ever noticed that something always goes wrong when a character in a series is on vacation? It happens a lot in Star Trek. A Superman example of this can be in season three of Lois And Clark when the happy couple wanted to have a romantic weekend on an island only to have it interrupted by a madman who wanted his head placed on Superman's body. My point is that our heroes never get a chance to relax.

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Then again, if they did, there wouldn't be much of a story would there? If Clark and the others had just went on with their fishing trip, I probably would have reviewed something other than "The Mystery of the Sleeping Beauty. I merely wanted to point out where the serial needed some improvements. I did honestly enjoy the sense of family that could be felt between Lois, Jimmy, Perry and Clark. This in my humble opinion, is one of the many aspects that makes every version of the Superman universe more enjoyable for audiences of any age.

Overall, "The Mystery of the Sleeping Beauty" could have used some improvements, but it's still a rather entertaining serial. Until then, don't touch that dial, and remember to keep smiling and look up in the sky.

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