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Never published in his lifetime, the handwritten manuscript was lost during the Revolutionary War, and was rediscovered and published. Richard W. Cogley Author. No previous work on John Eliot's mission to the Indians has told such a comprehensive and engaging story.

Of Plymouth Plantation

Richard Cogley takes a dual approach: he delves deeply into Eliot's theological writings and describes the historical development of Eliot's missionary work. By relating the two, he presents fresh perspectives that challenge widely accepted assessments of the Puritan mission. Through a richly detailed account of the genesis, flowering, and decline of the Puritan ideal of a church of the elect in England and America, Professor Morgan offers an important reinterpretation of a pivotal era in New England history.

Some Thoughts on the New England Revival aims to defend an unprecedented period of revival against the unjust words of its critics and the excesses of it friends, both of which, Edwards feared, would quench the Spirit and put a stop to the glorious work. What is a revival? How is it to be recognized? Is it a genuine work of the Spirit of God?

If it is, how should it be acknowledged and promoted? These questions are taken up and answered by 'the theologian of revival', who, in God's providence, has supplied future generations of Christians with a sure guide on this vital subject. Roger Sherman and the Creation of the American Republic Sherman was our CT representative and the only man to sign all 5 founding documents.

One of leading figures of his day, Roger Sherman was a member of the five-man committee that drafted the Declaration of Independence and an influential delegate at the Constitutional Convention. As a Representative and Senator in the new republic, he had a hand in determining the proper scope of the national government's power as well as drafting the Bill of Rights. A close examination of Sherman's religious beliefs provides insight into how those beliefs informed his political actions. Hall shows that Sherman, like many founders, was influenced by Calvinist political thought, a tradition that played a role in the founding generation's opposition to Great Britain, and led them to develop political institutions designed to prevent corruption, promote virtue, and protect rights.

Contrary to oft-repeated assertions that the founders advocated a strictly secular policy, Hall argues persuasively that most founders believed Christianity should play an important role in the new American republic. When a party of French and Indians attacked Deerfield, Mass.

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Williams's life was spared but he was taken captive. This is the story of the massacre and William's eventual release in his own words. The Great Awakening was the religious revival that swept through the American colonies between and A "great and general awakening" was the phrase used at the time by those impressed with the revival's spread from Georgia to New England and, as it seemed, through every element of the populace.

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As the first in the almost uninterrupted series of revivals in America experienced in the following century, the Awakening of the 's was the revival by which churchmen and historians measured all others. When in another great revival, one that touched possibly even more people, occurred, it was called simply--much as the war of was named--"The Second Great Awakening. The series, when completed, will constitute a documentary library of American history, filling a need long felt among scholars, students, libraries, and general readers for authoritative collections of original materials.

The series aspires to maintain the high standards demanded of contemporary editing, providing authentic texts, intelligently and unobtrusively edited. It will also have the distinction of presenting pieces of substantial length that give the full character and flavor of the original. The series will be the most comprehensive and authoritative of its kind. Although Christian believers agreed with one another that the Bible was authoritative and that it should be interpreted through commonsense principles, there was rampant disagreement about what Scripture taught about slavery.

Furthermore, most Americans continued to believe that God ruled over the affairs of people and nations, but they were radically divided in their interpretations of what God was doing in and through the war. Harry S. Bruce C. Daniels Author. Richard L. Bushman Author. David D. Hall Editor. The Antinomian controversy—a seventeenth-century theological crisis concerning salvation—was the first great intellectual crisis in the settlement of New England.

Transcending the theological questions from which it arose, this symbolic controversy became a conflict between power and freedom of conscience. This new edition of the volume, published now for the first time in paperback, includes an expanding bibliography and a new preface, treating in more detail the prime figures of Anne Hutchinson and her chief clerical supporter, John Cotton.

Scholarly interpreters have, in general, agreed on the basic religious orientation of the Transcendentalist Movement. Hutchison, however, believes that it was far more than a tendency to appraise the universe in terms of an intuitive faith. Most of the men closely associated with the Movement in New England were Unitarian ministers, and he has concentrated on their attempt to apply transcendental thinking to theology and to the everyday problems of the parish ministry.

At the same time he has produced a sympathetic appraisal of the conservative Unitarian position in his review of the so-called Transcendentalist Controversy.

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Yale Historical Publications, Miscellany Trollinger Editor. This insightful book explores the structure and identity of American Protestantism in the twentieth century. The contributors to this volume -- Martin E. Marty, Richard Hughes, and twenty-one others -- challenge this two-party thesis, questioning such a division both on the basis of empirical validity and on the basis of contemporary usefulness. They show that the two-party model not only provides an inadequate map of American Protestantism during the past century but also distorts Protestant hopes for the future.

When flicking through travel magazines on the North American east coast, one is likely to come across Massachusetts. Massachusetts is one of six New England states, and with respect to its history and its tourist attractions, this state is probably the most versatile and most interesting of them. In addition, it is the only city north of New York that can assert itself next to that famed metropolis without competing with it.

Rather Boston takes pride in a field that no other North American city can challenge: history and tradition. Governor William Bradford. Walmart Tell us if something is incorrect. Book Format: Choose an option. Add to Cart. Product Highlights The most important source of information about Plymouth, this landmark account was written by the colony's governor. It vividly documents the Pilgrims' transatlantic crossing and early days in the settlement. About This Item We aim to show you accurate product information. Manufacturers, suppliers and others provide what you see here, and we have not verified it.

See our disclaimer. The most important and influential source of information about the Pilgrims and Plymouth Colony, this landmark account was written between and It vividly documents the Pilgrims' adventures: their first stop in Holland, the harrowing transatlantic crossing aboard the Mayflower, the first harsh winter in the new colony, and the help from friendly Native Americans that saved their lives. No one was better equipped to report on the affairs of the Plymouth community than William Bradford.

Revered for his patience, wisdom, and courage, Bradford was elected to the office of governor in , and he continued to serve in that position for more than three decades. His memoirs of the colony remained virtually unknown until the nineteenth century. Lost during the American Revolution, they were discovered years later in London and published after a protracted legal battle. The current edition rendered into modern English and with an introduction by Harold Paget, remains among the most readable books from seventeenth-century America.

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