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ENIAC, one of the earliest computers. At that time, there was no "memory" in computers, the machine had to be "physically" rewired to perform different functions. Really convenient. Finally, when John von Neumann proposed the idea of storing computer data and operations in something called "memory", modern computer architecture was born.

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  7. Newly renovated computer history museum. Entrance to the wonderful exhibition.

    STRAY EP 1

    An early digital calculator, remember it? The earliest computer memory. The famous Enigma encryption device.

    See a Problem?

    Looks just like a typewriter. Who would think the fate of World War II is so closed tied to this simple looking device! Those old computer systems all had the size of a modern data center. SAGE, another system built for defense purpose. At this time, vacuum tube is still used.

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    Computing unit of a missile guidance system. Notice transistors had replaced vacuum tubes here.

    Since it is getting a little too dark to go hiking at am, like I have been doing several times a week for the past few months, yesterday I decided to take the kids with me for an am hike instead. It was overcast and 30 degrees cooler than it was just a week ago, so I was excited to get out on the trail.

    We had not even reached the trailhead before the rain started coming down. The sky did not look too ominous, so we pressed forward, grateful for the cool weather and the rain. It was perfection.

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    Carson seemed to be in a hurry, pressing forward up the trail at a speed that Kate could not quite match. She kept complaining that her ankle was hurting, thanks to her right foot that likes to turn in when she walks. I made a mental note to call a podiatrist to get that checked out. Pretty soon, Carson was out of sight.

    Knowing that we were close to the top and there was only one way to get there, I did not worry. Instead, I stayed back with Kate, encouraging her to keep going, despite her discomfort. Finally, after what seemed like forever to Kate, we reached the top.

    Fleeting Moments

    It was worth the effort, as it always is. As we started back down the mountain, Kate asked me if I would carry her water bottle. You can carry it yourself.